IOM Calls For Alertness And Surveillance At Borders

Date Publish: 
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Sandra Tumwesigye

The Chief of Mission of the International Organization for Migration in Liberia, Mr. Sortino Salvatore, has called for high level of alertness and surveillance at the borders of Liberia.

Addressing a news conference at the IOM office in Monrovia at the weekend, Mr. Salvatore said the Ebola response in Liberia is at a major turning point, and as such, there is a need to keep alert and surveillance at the various crossing points.

Mr. Salvatore stated that the news about no new case for over seven days in the country is adequately good and encouraging but at the same time there is a need for partners to keep high level of alert and strengthen surveillance.

He noted that the reopening of borders is positive message which he said means that the situation has changed stating “movements will increase. This is good news for the economy.”

IOM, which is part of the border coordination group headed by the Government of Liberia, has planned to support surveillance at the borders and port of entry, and all crossing points across the country.

Mr. Salvatore also  wants more support given to communities that are closer to the crossing points, because according to him, Liberia has more porous borders.

He among other things stressed the need for more systematic approaches through screening and proper referral at the borders.