RFP No.: RFP-01-2017

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is inviting interested parties to submit bids for the following project:

Project: Renovating and Rehabilitating the A.M. Dogllioti Medical College at Uniersity of Liberia, Monrovia
Project title: Renovation and new construction on facilities at the A.M. Dogllotti Medical College

  1. Academic building,
  2. Male dormitory and
  3. Guest house for visiting professor

Proposed location:  A.M. Dogliotti Medical College, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia  

The below requirements detail, how bids are to be submitted for the above-mentioned project.  Please read and follow these instructions carefully:

  1. All official correspondence during the bidding process should be done in English. Should bidders want to tender in any other language; the English version of such bid should be attached.
  2. All deadlines and dates mentioned in this invitation for submission of bids must be adhered to. Bids received beyond the deadline will not be considered.
  3. Please note that the description of the project is detailed in any supplied designs on the Bill of Quantities, which are enclosed as part of this invitation to bid. Failure to adhere to these specifications will invalidate your bid, and will not be considered.
  4. All quotations must be submitted to IOM Monrovia office, Liberia located in the KAMACO building, Payne Avenue, 15th & 16th Street Sinkor not later than 12:30pm on the 18th August 2017.
  5. Interested  parties may obtain the complete set of bidding documents for the aforementioned requirements by sending an email to Bill of Quantities and related documents would be obtained from either of the under mentioned addresses, by hard copy or via email or from the above mentioned address: 

IOM Monrovia office

  1. Miss Fata Konneh, Email:,  Tel -0886417914
  2. Mr. Tamba Saiffa, Email:,     Tel-0770308882
  3. Mr. Abu Freeman, Civil Engineer, Email:, Tel -0886647128
  4. Amr Nagy, Email:


  1. Bills of Quantities have to be filled and signed on paper and the electronic version must be included in bid package.
  2. All bids received by the office will remain sealed until the bid analysis begins. Failure to submit your bid in a sealed envelope will invalidate your quotation, and your quotation will not be considered.
  3. All bids must have the bidder’s company/NGO/CBO name and contact information in English clearly marked on the exterior of the sealed quotation envelope. Failure to do so will invalidate your bid, and your bid will not be considered.
  4. The contract shall be awarded, through a notice of award, following negotiations and subsequent post-qualification to the company/NGO/CBO with the Highest Rated Responsive Proposal.  Thereafter, the IOM shall promptly notify other company/NGO/CBO on the shortlist that they were unsuccessful.
  5. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reserves the following rights:
  6. To reject the whole or part of any or all bids
  7. To contract the selected Company for a part of the proposed activity (i.e. only labor or only procurement)
  8. To use the result of the bid to contract additional similar works in the area
  9.  To contract the whole or part of the bid to one or more companies on the basis of the unit offered prices


Note:  This is a labor and Materials based Bid

Note: That all contractors receiving the bid documents should be aware that there will be a general site visit on the campus of A.M. ,Dogloi,tti campus, Wednesday August 16, 2017 at 10:00am.